OpenIKED 7.3 released Nov 20th, 2023

OpenIKED is a FREE implementation of the Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) protocol which performs mutual authentication and which establishes and maintains IPsec VPN security policies and associations (SAs) between peers. The IKEv2 protocol is defined in RFC 5996, which combines and updates the previous standards: ISAKMP/Oakley (RFC 2408), IKE (RFC 2409), and the Internet DOI (RFC 2407). OpenIKED only supports the IKEv2 protocol; support for ISAKMP/Oakley and IKEv1 is provided by OpenBSD's isakmpd(8) or other implementations on non-OpenBSD platforms.

It is intended to be a lean, clean, secure, better configurable and interoperable implementation that focusses on supporting the main standards and most important features of IKEv2.

OpenIKED is developed as part of the OpenBSD Project. The software is freely usable and re-usable by everyone under an ISC license.

The portable version is available via periodic tarball releases. Contributions are welcome to both the OpenIKED core and the portable build framework.

OpenIKED is developed entirely by volunteers. Contributions to The OpenBSD Foundation support the development of this and other OpenBSD projects.